PHOTOGRAPHY RESUMÉ                                                                 April 2019

Member, Gallery House, Palo Alto

From 2018–

Exhibition Participation

Juried Exhibits

• Filoli, Woodside, California

Patterns and Abstractions in Nature 2010, Curated by Jerry Barrack

Bay Area Wildlife 2010, Curated by Douglas Campbell

Bay Area Wildlife 2014,  Juror Jeff Johnson

• Pacific Art League

In the Garden 2010

Fur, Fins, and Feathers 2010, Juror Karen Kienzle

Works on Paper 2011: Honorable Mention, Juror Elizabeth Mitchell

In the Garden 2011: Honorable Mention, Juror Richard Ambrose

Fur, Fins, and Feathers 2011, Juror John Aikin

Ode to California 2011, Juror Kenny Harris

Scapes: Sea, Land, and Urban 2011, Juror Maria Medua

Works on Paper 2012, Juror Preston Metcalf

Bon Appétit 2012, Jurors Halcyon Teed and Richard Ambrose

Secret Gardens 2012, Honorable Mention, Juror Richard Ambrose

Captured by Light: Photography Today 2012, Juror Bryan Yedinak

Animals: Facts, Fairy Tales, and Fantasy 2012, Juror Diane Mason

Palo Alto Camera Club: A Celebration of Artistic Vision 2012, Juror Kate Jordahl

Scapes: Sea, Land, and Urban 2012: First Place, Juror Jim Caldwell

Breath of Spring 2013, Juror George Rivera

Fur, Fins, and Feathers 2013, Juror Michael Azgour

Landscapes, Seascapes, and Urbanscapes 2013, Juror Timon Sloane

Abstractions: Pure Colors, Shapes, Form, and Imagination 2014, Juror Jan Rindfleisch

Spring Awakening 2014, Jurors Ed Lucey and Maralyn Miller

Photography: Writing with Light, Juror Brian Taylor

Grand Opening Exhibit 2014, Honorable Mention, Juror Kenny Mencher

Landscapes, Seascapes, and Urbanscapes 2014, Juror Sara Kabot

Abstractions 2015, Juror Robert Kaplack

Fur, Fins, and Feathers 2015, Juror Bradley Platz

Spring is in the Air 2015, Juror Catharine Clark

Members Exhibit 2015, Honorable Mention, Juror Donna Conwell

Landscapes, Seascapes, and Urbanscapes 2015, Second Place, Juror Joan McLoughlin

Exposed: A Photography Exhibit 2015, Juror Danny Sanchez, Honorable Mention

Fur, Feathers, and Fins 2016, Juror Stephanie Amon

Abstraction 2016, Juror Leah Lubin

Figures and Faces 2016,  Juror Lynne Todaro

Landscapes, Seascapes, Urbanscapes 2016,  Juror Joan McLoughlin

A New View:  A Photography Exhibit 2016,  Juror Kelsey Issel

Members Exhibit 2017, Honorable Mention, Juror Ric Ambrose

Fur, Feathers, and Fins 2017,  Juror DeWitt Chen

Summer Exposure 2017,  Juror Rachel Lazo

Landscapes, Sea Scapes, and City Scapes 2017,  Juror Darren Kerr

Photography 2017, Juror Andrew Wegst

Holiday Art Market 2017, Juror Devan Johnson

Works on Paper 2018,  Juror Ric Ambrose

Abstraction 2018,  Juror Michael Azgour

Photography and the Creative Eye 2018, Juror David Coleman

The Great American West 2018, Juror Halcon Teed

Artists' Showcase 2018-19,  Juror Donny Foley

Members Exhibit 2019

Noir: Black and White Photography 2019,  Juror Daniel Garcia

Into the Wild: Landscapes 2019,  Juror Sukey Bryan

Abstraction 2019,  Juror Karen Imperial

Architecture 2019

* Feature Exhibits

Gallery House

Black and White Portfolios

August–September 2019

* Solo Exhibits:

A Bee’s Eye View: Wildflower Close-up Photography

September 2011

Pacific Art League, Palo Alto

A Photographic Journey in West Africa: Witness to a campaign to eliminate

maternal and neonatal tetanus           

September 2013

Pacific Art League, Palo Alto

Experiments in Black and White

December 2017

Pacific Art League, Palo Alto

Other Exhibits:

Wildflowers of the West

January 2018

Los Altos Library

Salon at the Triton

Nov. 11, 2017–Feb. 4, 2018

Triton Museum, Santa Clara

Jurors:  Cherri Lakey and Brian Eder

A Bee's Eye View: Wildflowers of the MidPeninsula, Pollinators, and Pollinator Predators

March–June 2016

Environmental Volunteers, EcoCenter, Palo Alto

Curator: Karen Druker

• Palo Alto Camera Club

Los Altos Hills Town Hall 2014

Capturing Light: The World as We See It

Juror Robert Kato

Keeble and Shuchat 2015

Jurors: Philippe Cailloux, Stan Chism, Leonard Brzezhinski, Peter Paluzzi

Community School of Music and Art

Mountain View 2016

Avenue 25 Gallery 2017

"Images/Place Memory"

Juror Charles Anselmo

Palo Alto Art Center

June/July 2017

Community School of Music and Art

March/April 2018

Palo Alto Art Center

November/December 2018

Community School of Music and Art

June 2019

Palo Alto Art Center

September 2019

• 2014 and 2016 Community Art Exhibit

Peninsula Community Jewish Center, Foster City

Jurors: Selection Committee

• Coastal Arts League

Kellicutt International Juried Photo Show 2013

Through a Lens: Ten

  Two images in Display Portfolio, Jurors Tom Till, Kim Komenich, and Crista Dix

• Other Galleries

Fire House Gallery at Avenidas, Palo Alto 2005–2007

Borrego Art Institute, Borrego Springs 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012

• Community Sites Program of Pacific Art League

Hotel California 2010

Silicon Valley Community Foundation 2010, 2011

Unitarian Church of Palo Alto 2011

Mid-Peninsula Media Center 2011

Dentistry of Palo Alto 2011, 2012

City of Palo Alto Downtown Library 2012

Pollack Building 2013

• Other Community Sites

Palo Alto Medical Foundation

Kaiser Permanente Medical Clinic, San Jose

Avenidas, Palo Alto

House of Daniel, Los Altos, ongoing

Blades Barber Shop, Palo Alto

Photographs and Frames, Palo Alto

Café Zoe, Menlo Park

Stevenson House, Palo Alto

Rose Kleiner Senior Day Center, Mountain View, ongoing


Photos included in In Praise of Poison Ivy: The Secret Virtues,  Astonishing History, and Dangerous Lore of the World's Most Hated Plant by Anita Sanchez; Taylor Trade Publishing,  April 2016

One image included in Expressions 2016, published by the North America Nature Photography Association

Three images included in Expressions 2015, published by the North America Nature Photography Association

Three images included in Expressions 2014, published by the North America Nature Photography Association

Photo included in Bay Nature magazine, April-June 2013

Two photos included in Bay Nature magazine, July–September 2013

Photos included in Kiwanis magazine, March 2013

Photos included in Room to Breathe: The Wild Heart of the San Francisco Peninsula, edited by Kristi Britt; Heyday, November 2012

Photos included in California Native Gardening: A Month-by-Month Guide by Helen Popper; UC Press, March 2012

Two images included in Expressions 2012, published by the North America Nature Photography Association

Photos included in Open Spaces, Quarterly magazine of Peninsula Open Space Trust

Photos included in Desert Update, Quarterly magazine of the Anza-Borrego Foundation

Photos included in Views, Quarterly magazine of Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District

Competition Awards

• Palo Alto Camera Club and Mid-Peninsula Photo Alliance

Multiple awards

• Wildcare Photography Competition 2016

Finalist, two images

•Photographer’s Edge
Photographer of the Month April 2014

Photographer of the Quarter June 2014

•Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District 

  2012 Digital Photo Contest

Honorable Mention in Plant Life

  2015 Digital Photo Contest

Runner-Up in Plant Life

•California Native Plant Society Photo Contest

   2009 Third Place and Honorable Mention

   2012 Honorable Mention

   2015 Honorable Mention

   2017 Third Place and People's Choice

• North American Nature Photography Association Showcase 2011

Top 250

Expressions Magazine 2012

Expressions Magazine 2014

Expressions Magazine 2015

Expressions Magazine 2016

• Anza-Borrego Photo Contest, sponsored by the Anza-Borrego Foundation

2009 Best of Show

2010 Four awards, including 1st place in Desert Plants

2011 Four awards

2012 Two awards

• National Natural Landmarks Photo Contest, National Park Service

2010 Honorable Mention and inclusion in 2011 calendar

• Waterton Wildlife Festival Photo Contest 2010

2nd Place and Honorable Mention in Wildflower Close-ups

• San Mateo County Fair Photo Contest 2008

Two awards, including 3rd Place in Flowers